#5 Explosions In The Sky – First Breath After Coma

Put a guitar, bass, drums and voice together and the sonic possibilities stretch to infinity. The trick is to come up with something that is worthwhile, something that can move the listener. Explosions In The Sky achieve this effortlessly and considering they don’t even employ a singer makes their music all the more remarkable. Their third album ‘The Earth Is Not A Cold Dead Place’ is a post-rock masterpiece (see also Mogwai, Do Make Say Think, Godspeed You Black Emperor) with rich hook filled guitar escapades in plenty supply. ‘Your Hand In Mine’, ‘The Only Moment We Are Alone’ and ‘First Breath After Coma’, are particularly inspired. The latter starts out like a frosty morning, a jinking guitar solo and sparse bass flutter like swallows in a blue sky. The percussion is frenetic but controlled building slowly to the point where the guitars run freely. It’s the sort of music you can easily get lost in; the all-encompassing nature is total save for some intermittent reindeer bells. This is music for a virtual world, one where the only violence that is committed targets helpless 6 stringed instruments. KD

Explosions In The Sky – First Breath After Coma

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Year: 2003

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  1. October 7, 2005

    oooo, you’ve got spam, too! but, like you said, we have explosions in the sky to take us to a far away place…

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