#6 Caribou – Barnowl

Ridiculously shunted from his previous incarnation Manitoba, Dan Snaith has conjured yet more bedroom masterpieces on his third LP ‘The Milk Of Human Kindness’. The goalposts haven’t shifted all that greatly with Snaith still intent on colouring life with electronic portraits of the colourful kind. ‘Barnowl’ closes the album in the giddiest of ways. A rollicking good time pummels forth via clockwork synths, breathy vocals, masked eastern influences and the sneaking feeling that the bogeyman could be about to turn up at any time. You may have trouble moving your body to it, but it’d take a heavy set of manacles to stop those hearty foot commotions. As far as Caribou is concerned it’s only a matter of time before the only thing that’s going ‘who who’ is the subject of this song. KD

Caribou – Barnowl

Album: The Milk Of Human Kindness
Year: 2005

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