#9 Thee More Shallows – 2am

Despite the daft name Thee More Shallows seemed to have nailed down the prototype for a new elaborate wing in the house of rock. Their ‘More Deep Cuts’ album has a fresh exuberant feel to it, as if something exciting is being rolled out. Each cut is a distinct, multi-layered affair that reveals itself over repeated listens which just about explains the albums 3-year conception. ‘Freshman Thesis’ and ‘2am’ are the highlights throwing imagination from the speakers like a Halloween fireworks display. ‘2am’ has Dee Kesler as Lou Reed, the tumbling xylophone riff holds court as the bouncy drumming attempts to keep up. As the ascending barrage of noise envelopes you appreciate the scene as the singer tries the sleep in a city that doesn’t. There are flashes of Grandaddy and a host of post-rock entrepreneurs but this San Francisco band are out there setting their own mountain high standards.

Thee More Shallows – 2am

More Info: Thee More Shallows
Buy Album: [UK] More Deep Cuts [US] More Deep Cuts
Year: 2004

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