#10 Sonic Youth – Unwind

Sonic Youth are akin to a twin tub that destroys the colours on garments yet from time to time the newly rainbowed apparel displays a unique and satisfying take on high fashion. Throughout their career the band have been consistently inconsistent in their output. One minute they are parading a spellbinding mix of jangling guitars and low-slung vocal theatrics, the next they are in throes of sonic epilepsy that is too wayward to be considered ingestible. Their exalted status is no doubt down to their longevity and the fact that every now and then they pin down a stone cold classic. ‘Unwind’ is one such, extending over 6 minutes; it is effortless in its simplicity yet buoyant enough to reveal new subplots on every play. Thurston Moore provides the stoned impassioned delivery while guitar chords shimmer endlessly in the background. The gradual descent into a smorgasbord of electrics is inevitable but the slow recovery back to twinkling chords ensures a happy ending every time.

Sonic Youth – Unwind

Album: Washing Machine
Year: 1995

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