#52 Space – Female Of The Species

Even in terms of Space’s non-linear style ‘Female Of The Species’ is a bit of an oddity (a space oddity, ahem). These Liverpool lads had to wait until their second album, ‘Tin Planet’, before success arrived by way of a duet with a Welsh lass and some avenging angels. ‘Female Of The Species’ is their crowning achievement, however, its effect on the psyche is akin to the sight of a puff adder slithering from a clothesbasket in your bedroom. As you’d expect there are plenty of exotic influences at work, don’t be surprised to hear it as you browse the wares in the Souks of Marrakech. But for all its dramatic vibes only the double-jointed could seriously attempt to dance to it. The singing sounds like it emanates from an analogue line, there are electronic hisses, bumps and bruises along the way but be thankful you don’t have to deal with a certain lady who places Jekyll and Hyde at the back of the queue in the deadly stakes. KD

Space – Female Of The Species

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Space Info: Official
Buy Album: [UK] Spiders [US] Spiders
Year: 1996

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