#51 Clinic – Distortions

You know it’s quite likely you’ve heard Clinic on the TV, it seems they have a knack for getting the marketing men to come with a begging bowl to their door (Levi’s, Heineken). It’s easy to see why because Clinic conjure aural backdrops that are breathtakingly unique. Central to their cause are heavy-duty organs that run riot throughout their albums. Combine this with the unfettered abandonment of some surging guitars and what you get is a melting pot to catch the attention of even the most casual of ears. ‘Distortions’ is a rare example of the Scousers concentrating on the melody even if the main thrust of the song comes from a pre-programmed drum machine and a lingering synth. The lyrics are uniformly dark (‘You never now how often, I’ve pictured you in coffins, My baby in a coffin. But I love it when you blink your eyes'”¦come back Guy Garvey, all is forgiven) yet this is essentially a tale of love. The coup de grace arrives when the machines get excited, scuttling about like insects that have been freshly released from a jar. This is so clever you could wet your hair and it’d wash it for you. KD

Clinic – Distortions

Album: Internal Wrangler
Year: 2000
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