#59 The Coral Sea – Look At Her Face

Just when did the string quartet become such a vital cog in the indie bands artillery? Picture Sigur Ros without the orchestra and you take away what makes them such a beautiful prospect. The Delgados used to play the same card with the result that their winning ideas could be rightfully heard in vibrant technicolor. The danger of course is that over usage could take away from the thrill. Lucky then that we have bands like the Coral Sea who find a seamless way to marry the classical with the more traditional approach. ‘Look At Her Face’ is a remarkable piece of music; the viola and tinkling guitar shimmer in unison while a punishing beat sends a pocket of energised air hurtling in your direction. This dramatic noise is hard to ignore, jammed tight with its own confidence and ready to point a disapproving finger at those willing to settle for limp chart fodder. As befits a band from a town named Santa Barbara there are even a few reindeer bells thrown in for good measure. KD

The Coral Sea – Look At Her Face

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Album: Volcano & Heart
Year: 2005
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  1. Anonymous
    December 8, 2005

    great band. great song. long live the strings…

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