#61 The Field Mice – If You Need Someone

The Field Mice were the quintessential indie band signed to the quintessential indie label Sarah Records. Their songs were fragile, honest, heart rending and twee. Over 3 short years they released some of the most precious singles ever. The singles themselves are long since deleted so all we’re left with is a compilation of their best moments. ‘If You Need Someone’ is certainly one of them; even if the programming is beginning to show some signs of aging there is no doubting the genius in the song writing. The guitars are lithe, timid efforts that shimmer effortlessly while Robert Wratten coaxes vocals like sighs from his lips. The result will have you standing still on the spot in goggled eye admiration. Beneath the layers of instrumentation the song engages through an appetite for cradling a relationship that may never happen. The fact that the surrounding fuss is so neat makes it all the more special. KD

The Field Mice – If You Need Someone

Album: Where’d You Learn to Kiss That Way?
Year: 1998
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