#82 The Chemical Brothers – Surface To Air

Definitely the hero of the hour from an album of dead ducks ‘Surface To Air’ recalls a time when the Chemical Brothers could satisfy fans of both the indie and dance persuasions. Nothing is forced, the electronic gulping bubbles amiably until a calm precise riff takes you on a fantastical tour. Juddering implosions, robotic interjections and hissing valves fail to detract from the underlying rumble that is as irresistible as a family of Koala bears. It all stems from a steady riff that is gradually augmented by all manner of electronic devices known to the duo. ‘Surface To Air’ proves that the brothers can still work it out and that their predicted exit to planet dust may prove to be a tad premature. KD

The Chemical Brothers – Surface To Air

Album: Push The Button
Year: 2005
Buy: Push the Button

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