#81 The Wombles – Wombling Merry Christmas

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As ever Mike Batt excelled himself in bringing the soundtrack to these children’s characters to life. The clunky guitars aside it’s hard to believe the song is 30 years old such is its vibrancy. Kudos must go to a wonderful chorus that Brian Wilson himself would have been proud of and then there is the effortless panache in the way the song is delivered. Add in a trumpet or two and lyrics as openly joyful as ‘Under the ground there is the sound of a symphony, The lights are low, the fire is bright, Wombling through, I’ll tune into you, you tune into me’ and you’ll have everything you need to waltz merrily through the season of goodwill. KD

The Wombles – Wombling Merry Christmas

Album: The Very Best Of The Wombles
Year: 2005
Buy: The Very Best of the Wombles

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