#98 The Dears – Lost In The Plot

Yet another fab song from Canada. The Dears come from Montreal and have been on the go since 1995. Their third album is called ‘No Cities Left’ and this is a delicious slice of pop taken from it. Murray Lightburn may have Morrissey strapped to his larynx but that seems irrelevant when the chaotic beauty that surrounds them is so intoxicating. The searing chords are an ideal counterfoil for Lightburn’s straight ahead delivery. Things take a change of direction mid way through, where a shimmering percussion can’t hide the fact that Britpop is still bringing classics to the table. The vocals deliver menace and sober loveliness in equal doses creating a package of delights for your tapped out feet. KD

The Dears – Lost In The Plot

Album: No Cities Left
Year: 2005
Buy: No Cities Left

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