#123 Swimmers – Boxes

Forgive the sound quality on this one. This is taken from a cassette recording of a BBC Radio One Session back in 1993. I finally tracked down this bands album and it was complete pants. Despite this fact ‘Boxes’ remains a tour de force. The focus initially seems to be to contrive as many weird noises as is possible from traditional instruments. Normality is briefly restored through an angelic vocal that is eventually usurped under a mountain of screaming chords, bleeding riffages and the unmistakable air of a band going for broke. It may skip here and there and the quality might fall short of a bedroom recording by my lord does this effort speak the language of youthful endeavour. Then again ‘speak’ might be the wrong word to use here because I can’t for the life of me work out what the singer is trying to say, suffice as to say drugs were definitely involved in its creation. KD

Swimmers – Boxes

Album: BBC Radio One Session
Year: 1993

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