#161 My Robot Friend – Why Won't You Call Me Back?

Howard Rigberg is the nutcase/genius/droid behind My Robot Friend. By day the (probably) bespeckled Howard makes a living as a web programmer. By night he dons his amazing suit with so many dazzling effects and lights it takes a 40-pound battery to power. By all accounts his shows are brilliant, the electronic adventures being matched only by the visual treat that hangs from his aching body. ‘Why Won’t You Call Me Back’ has a jazzy texture, the bulbous strings and dainty rhythms providing the delicate background to the dryly-delivered yet often hilarious lyrics. This is one cool piece of music, effortless and charming. It could be even more special when delivered from a stage by a man with more sparkle than the Rockefeller Christmas tree. KD

My Robot Friend – Why Won’t You Call Me Back?

Artist Website: My Robot Friend
Album: Hot Action!
Year: 2004

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