#178 Lazyboy – Police Dogs Bonfires

This is one of those songs that appears in an advert for a big brand and leaves google in a twist as the world tries to find out who it is. You know the story, Lazyboy will likely disappear without a trace but not without leaving us with their calculating beats, electronic forays into Amazonia and Orbital tinged frolics that are stirred into a streamlined cocktail. There are eastern influences at work but it is the synchronised electro bubbles that give it such a swing. The creators are not faceless monkeys either, as Rob Da Bank of BBC radio is a prime mover. ‘Police Dogs Bonfires’ reaches the part of your foot containing the tapping nerves that you thought had long since retired. KD

Lazyboy – Police Dogs Bonfires

More Info: Lazyboy
Album: [UK] Penguin Rock [US] Penguin Rock
Year: 2004

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