#186 Delorentos – Solitude

The only question that remains unanswered is how much longer this Dublin band can remain unsigned. This certainly ain’t your average run of the mill indie-rock shtick. You can see the Interpol influence at work yet Delorentos’ sweeping vistas are so starry eyed that they furrow exciting new ground of their own. The band have a gripping live persona with 2 charismatic frontmen continually outdoing each other as their eyeballs perform Linda Blair like gymnastics. So far their only studio output has been the ‘Leave It On’ EP which rivals Sound Team’s ‘Work’ as last years most impressive debut. ‘Solitude’ is expansive and uplifting, surging from a core of marauding guitars and synchronised voices like Franz Ferdinand during a particulary rousing encore. I’d go so far as to say this could become a staple on indie compilations for years to come. Don’t panic boys and girls, just make your way to that yellow waterfall and welcome solitude to the endless freak scene. KD

Delorentos – Solitude

More Info: Delorentos
Buy The EP: [UK] Leave It On
Year: 2005

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