#197 LEVY – Rotten Love

James Levy has definitely caught a serious case of the Chris Martin’s but no matter because the lo-fi jangle of his bands debut single ‘Rotten Love’ is too incalculably beautiful to let that put you off. The New York natives have an unfinished feel to their music as if still suspended in demo phase development but that is to be eagerly lapped up. ‘Rotten Love’ also has the ghost of the House of Love hanging over it, the melodies are superlative and the guitars chime like a tunesome grandfather clock. The effect provides an immediate return yet the exuberance doesn’t subside on repeated listens implying that there’s plenty of feeling below the surface. Losing your girlfriend to the Casablancas lad from the Strokes is bound to stir plenty emotions I guess. With Levy’s heart in a cage the door was left open for the majesty that is ‘Rotten Love’. With this sort of glorious outcome long may the spektor of Regina loom large. KD

LEVY – Rotten Love

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Buy Album: [UK] Rotten Love [US] Rotten Love
Year: 2005

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