#200 Love Is All – Make Out Fall Out Make Up

Wanna take a holiday from planet indie-rock? Find a space to unwind, throw off those tired riffs and kick those pouting egos into touch. Just smear on some ear protection and load up Love Is All who could yet be this year’s most enticing object of your affections. The Swedish band just don’t play by the rules, the singer could have been fronting Whale a decade ago such is the venom in her, probably, train-tracked mouth. The music is as frantic as the singer’s aggression providing a disruptive audio descriptive of the average teenage week. There are thumping electro stylings, crashing tirades involving guitars and trumpets and the general feeling that life is just one long traumatic upheaval when you are sixteen. Enjoy the break. KD

Love Is All – Make Out Fall Out Make Up

More Info: Love Is All
Buy Album: Nine Times That Same Song
Year: 2005

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