#217 On! Air! Library! – Feb.

On! Air! Library! self-titled album was one of the undiscovered joys of 2004. With a palette that swung from shoegaze to introspective moog dalliances you never quite what this experimental crew were about to throw out (Curve and Stereolab come to mind). A challenging listen, only one or two of the tracks made sense straight away; with the result that only the patient would be fully rewarded. ‘Feb.’ might be rolling down the track to nowhere but it is a very pleasant journey all the same. Claudia Dehaza (her twin sister Alley also plays in the band) supplies the understated singing while an sweet eclectic jamboree of noise spins about around her. ‘Feb.’ only stays around for about 2 minutes but it has the elegant grandeur that means you have to rerun the thrills ad nauseum. Sadly On! Air! Library! broke up late last year. Watch out for the split EP they recorded with The Album Leaf called ‘A Lifetime Or More’. KD

On! Air! Library! – Feb.

More Info: On! Air! Library!
Buy Album: [UK] On Air Library [US] On!Air!Library!
Year: 2004

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