#220 Olivia Tremor Control – Hideaway

Neutral Milk Hotel, the Apples In Stereo and Olivia Tremor Control were part of the famed Elephant 6 movement. These were a group of experimentalists who used the Beatles and Beach Boys as a reference to create sumptuous new creations of their own. ‘Hideaway’ was taken from Olivia Tremor Control’s 1999 album called ‘Black Foliage: Animation Music’, a sprawling affair over 27 tracks that dealt out some many ideas it took quite an effort to absorb in totality. ‘Hideaway’ is a beacon of amiability, however, that married the aforementioned influences into a lush carpet of sound. Feel the Wilsonesque harmonies, bathe in the delicate kaleidoscope of ‘Magical Mystery Tour’ fab four but most of all genuflect at the altar of OTC for creating a modern day pop classic. This will whisk you off your feet but is guaranteed not walk out on you the next morning. Treasure. KD

Olivia Tremor Control – Hideaway

More Info: Olivia Tremor Control
Buy Album: [UK] Black Foliage [US] Black Foliage: Animation Music By The Olivia Tremor Control
Year: 1999

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  1. One of my very favorite albums is Black Foliage. The Olivia Tremor Control are just stunningly good. I’m also getting more and more into the self titled Circulatory System album – It’s a bit more difficult too unravel but there’s some really mind bending stuff going on.

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