#259 The Immediate – A Ghost In The House

With Thom Yorke’s closely guarded secrets on their way some time this year the rumours abound about a return to the song. I for one can’t wait for it but in the interim there are bands like the Immediate who take what Radiohead gave to the world and turn it into priceless entity in its own right. ‘A Ghost In The House’ wouldn’t have sounded out of place on ‘The Bends’ recording yet it fashions enough intrigue to suggest the Immediate have some fine avenues to explore themselves. David Hedderman twists his vocals in intriguing ways, sounding affecting whichever way they turn. The music is also noteworthy, providing an instantly memorable spindly riff as well as oodles of percussive drama. Following as it does the path of most resistance also means it offers a lot of rewards for repeated listening. The Immediate’s debut album is on the way, could well turn out to be the season of the song. KD

The Immediate – A Ghost In The House

Watch The Video To Don’t You Ever

More Info: The Immediate
Buy the Immediate’s: Make Our Devils FLOW EP
Year: 2006

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  1. May 7, 2006

    La-la-la-love The Immediate. ‘A Ghost’ is one of their best songs.. shame they never play it live!

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