#269 The Situationists – Under The Pavement, The Beach

When Umlaut broke up late last year it didn’t take the bands lead singer (Dan) long to find his feet with a new band called the Situationists. Showing a remarkable zeal and the gift for presenting a contemporary sound in seconds flat here is another Sheffield band that could be cutting it on student dancefloors before too long. ‘Under The Pavement, The Beach’ boasts a solid riff and Dan’s cosily familiar vocals (Robert Smithesque) which means it could ingratiate itself quite rapidly onto its audience of choice. If this is what the band can come up with in a couple of months then by the time their debut album comes around certain other Sheffield monkeys could find themselves out in the cold. KD

The Situationists – Under The Pavement, The Beach

More Info: The Situationists
Year: 2006

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  1. May 5, 2006

    Dan was awesome as the lead singer in Umlaut but in situationists the vocals of Andy have been the most enthralling.

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