#279 Six By Seven – My Life Is An Accident

There were a couple of reasons why Six By Seven caught my attention. Mostly vague reasons really, my favourite number (Hitchhiker) and my favourite football team (Forest) being the most obvious. Chris Olley is a big lad and his menacing presence also made its way into his bands music. There was always the feeling that something was about to kick off when Six By Seven took the stage and it often did. ‘My Life Is An Accident’ exemplifies their brooding intensity from casual sweetness to shattered eardrums within the space of 4 minutes. You’ll find heavy chords, shuddering percussion and a man about to need a wig within its environs. Scathing, abrasive, melodic and above all a frontrunner for the soundtrack to the moment your kids decide it’s the home for you old boy. KD

Six By Seven – My Life Is An Accident

More Info: Six By Seven
Buy Album: [UK] The Closer You Get [US] The Closer You Get
Year: 2000

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