#280 Part Chimp – Bring Back The Sound

Here’s one to clean out the cobwebs, reminiscent of And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead at their most devastating (or all of ‘Source Tags & Codes’). Part Chimp come from London and are quite logically signed to Mogwai’s Rock Action Records. A couple of months ago they were being feted from all corners but the hubbub has died down. Hard to see why though when one listen to ‘Bring Back The Sound’ might have you wondering why you ever plumped for that limp Jack Johnson record when you could have been salivating over this instead. This is a giant explosion of sound with voluminous singing coursing through its veins as well as targeted big chords that display impressive acrobatic flexibility. Part Chimp exist in a world away from the general indie set, throwing themselves into colourful meadows full of lavish creations played at ear achingly loud volumes but never losing sight of their mission to bring back the sound. KD

Part Chimp – Bring Back The Sound

More Info: Part Chimp
Buy Part Chimps album for peanuts: [UK] I Am Come [US] I Am Come
Year: 2005

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