#281 Jim Noir – My Patch

If the marketing men hear this they will be rushing to the suburbs of greater Manchester to woo its maker Jim Noir (stage name taken from a Vic Reeves character, real name Alan Roberts). ‘My Patch’ has a defining quality that makes it sound unlike anything that has gone before (in a curiously White Town ‘Your Woman’ kind of way). Here is an oddity in a homogenous scene, straddling a fine line between Jazz and electronic Folk (?). It could sound ever so quirky promoting a line of goods from an iPod to a Ford Focus. The cascading vocals are cleverly arranged and the slithering strings bolster its worth as a curiosity piece and then some. Make no mistake this song could become this year’s sleeper hit. Last time I checked all flights into Manchester were booked out with Noir’s ‘Eanie Meanie’ already signed up to back the Adidas World Cup promo. KD

Jim Noir – My Patch

More Info: Jim Noir
Buy Jim Noir’s: [UK] Tower of Love [US] Tower of Love
Year: 2005

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  1. Anonymous
    May 12, 2006

    he just sounds like B&S

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