#282 Close Lobsters – I'm Going To Heaven To See If It Rains

‘C86 is a term used to describe Britain’s mid-Eighties indie-pop climate when haircuts were round, major labels taboo and anoraks obligatory’. Close Lobsters were a fine exponent of the phenomenon, a scene that emerged after NME gave away a free cassette containing a host of acts who specialised in the art of jangle. The Paisley native’s contribution was ‘Fire Station Towers’ and their intricate riffs persisted for an all too short career. Listening to the C86 tape now can be a little disappointing, many of the artists certainly wore their hearts on their sleeves but often forgot to include a good tune. Close Lobsters could never be accused of that, however, as ‘I’m Going To Heaven’ proves. The song never made it onto either of the bands LP’s but is a requisite in defining the bands contribution. The driving percussion is wilful and tidy while Andrew Burnett sounds totally sincere as he sings in his finest Sunday twee. Able backup is supplied by a slew of shimmering guitars that you’ll never tire of. KD

Close Lobsters – I’m Going To Heaven To See If It Rains

More Info: Close Lobsters
Boil Your Own: [UK] Foxheads Stalk This Land [US] Foxheads Stalk This Land
Year: 1987

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