Et Ret – Untitled 1

Ah Sunday night, don’t you just hate it. It’s also quite an awkward time when you are fumbling for something to listen to. Nothing too bouncy cause it’s not Friday and nothing too sombre cause you need cheering up. Et Ret could finally be the answer for that one fourteenth of your life that just doesn’t have an audio fit. Et Ret are headed up by James Angelos who achieves with strings what My Bloody Valentine brokered with guitars on ‘Loveless’. There are subtle patterns floating about in the dense mosaic but you don’t have to trace them to enjoy the experience. ‘Untitled 1’ is taken from the SXSW Showcase although it could well have been monikored by the time Et Ret’s ‘Gasworks’ album was released in April. This is music for your time spent in a flotation tank but lacking said device it could quite easily make the job of ironing five shirts a moving experience. KD

Et Ret – Untitled 1

More Info: Et Ret
Buy Album: [UK] Gasworks [US] Gasworks
Year: 2006

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