Glenwash – Bring It On

Rolling in from the prairies of Longford springs forth Glenwash who have been barely on the go for 4 months. Despite this, their myspace page already beats with the urgency of a cholesterol filled heart. In between doing the weekly 39 hours slave labour they sometimes record and sometimes play so god knows what they’d be capable of were they a full time outfit. ‘Bring It On’ is the most blatantly euphoric moment that the band possess, no point twiddling about with the subtleties when there’s a glorious hubbub to be made (for something gentler see ‘Uptown Outpost’ which is your man for Teenage Fanclub dalliances). ‘Bring It On’ conjures a mash-up involving T-Rex and Sam Beam (where he to shave off his beard and down a bottle of his namesake Jim) and would have had those animated japers Beavis & Butthead in a whir of activity where they still around. This is pregnant noise about to give birth. KD

Glenwash – Bring It On

Glenwash @ myspace: Glenwash
Year: 2006

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  1. Anonymous
    June 22, 2006

    Savage band. They really should go full time! Saw em supporting the Butterfly Explosion back in March and they were amazing.

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