Isolee – My Hi-Matic

Fancy being bludgeoned over the head by the bluntest of instruments? Then you’ve come to the right place because Isolee’s ‘My Hi-Matic’ is so densely packed with gurgling organs it could have you in a tizzy. Not that it’s faceless or anything, the opposite in fact as ‘My Hi-Matic’ packs a mighty tune like Orbital were they to augment into a quartet. Rajko Müller is the german producer behind Isolee and last year he released ‘We Are Monster’ to stony silence. That is until you turn the beast on and you enter a world that scatters its attention between retro electro (could be a genre in itself) and post hardcore uproar (on a run here). The standout is the pneumatic ‘My Hi-Matic’ though, a belligerent assault on the eardrums where nobody gets hurt. KD

Isolee – My Hi-Matic

More Info: Isolee
Buy Album: We Are Monster
Year: 2005

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