Juana Molina – No Seas Antipatica

You can see why Domino would want to pitch Juana Molina with Jose Gonzalez. And by throwing in a dash of Psapp you have perhaps the most rounded bill since Hilary decided to cut chocolate from the pantry. The tour is due to kick off in LA on June 16. Argentinean singer Juana Molina may well be a virtual unknown at this stage but she is truly a sensation in waiting. The pleasing thing is that her song structures are so off kilter yet wholesomely engaging. Her voice is also captivating, the lyrics are obviously oblique to non-Latino’s but it hardly matters because their treatment is so wonderfully conceived. ‘No Seas Antipatica’ is taken from her soon to be released album ‘Son’. Meditative, seductive and alluring all in the space of 4 minutes, this will take your breath away. KD

Juana Molina – No Seas Antipatica

More Info: Juana Molina
Buy Album: [UK] Son [US] Son
Year: 2006

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