The Deaths – Birmingham

First off, a couple of things to note about this band. One is that they come from Fargo (it exists!) and the other is that they don’t dress in black, sing in incomprehensible tones or have an audience made up of frustrated adolescents. The Deaths are in fact a riveting example of modern psychedelia, Karl Qualey sings and also puts his Rickenbacker to splendid use. The band have an interesting history, involving break ups, road crashes and committing the mortal sin of not impressing a bunch of Sub Pop cheque book writers. But worry not, there is life after the Seattle label’s reticence as the Deaths debut ‘Choir Invisible’ is set to be released on Essay Records in July. ‘Birmingham’ is the opener and is a delightful taster for what awaits us. This is two thirds a classic stomp starting off as refreshingly as a South Ambulance monster, sagging a tad in the middle through some strained vocals and then gathering itself with distinction towards the close to put the cap on a fine few minutes. This could be the birth of something wonderful. KD

The Deaths – Birmingham

Some Info: The Deaths
Buy Album: Choir Invisible
Year: 2006

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