Tralala – Fired Up

First there was the Pipettes and now we have Tralala, could this be the beginning of a briot grrl scene? As a friend said to me last night as we gazed upon another epic from Broken Social Scene (he was less enamoured than me), you can’t beat the 3-minute pop song. And he was right, sometimes it is nice to pull back the curtains and bask in the sunshine of a simple ditty. And ‘Fired Up’ is certainly that, a throwback to what Spector was lucky to work with as he got his seasonal gift together. Tralala come from Brooklyn and have already recorded a Christmas EP (called ‘Falala-la-la with Tralala'”¦tee hee) and a self-titled debut LP. There are even some lads in the band but with girls this talented it’s best to keep the males in the background doing the washing up. KD

Tralala – Fired Up

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Buy Album: [UK] Tralala [US] Tralala
Year: 2005

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