Urban Hype – A Trip To Trumpton

Now here’s one to curl your ears or warm them depending on whether you were there in the first place back in 1992. At the time there was some many Rave Generator compilations doing the rounds it’s a wonder they don’t have their own wing in the National Museum. And when you listen in to ‘A Trip To Trumpton’ now you realise how hideously dated it sounds, in a pre school rather than old skool type of way. Still, it does bring back happy memories from a simpler time. Urban Hype based the anthem on a stop motion Children’s TV programme called ‘Trumpton’ and many of the voices and musical references are taken from the show. You can pick up on the influence that ‘Charly’ from the Prodigy was having on the rave scene at the time and the ubiquitous piano sequences perfectly pinpoints the dateline from which it evolved. A curiosity piece that could very likely kill some down on their luck neighbourhood tomcats. KD

Urban Hype – A Trip To Trumpton

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Buy Album: [UK] Very Best of Back to the Old Skool [US] Back to the Old Skool

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