Winterpills – Laughing

My lord how has this band escaped the clutches of the sniffer blogs? Formed by one Philip Price and some chums this foursome released their debut album last year to stony silence. Price has a CV as long your arm but he has kept his best cards for the Winterpills project. Having a dreamy chanteuse in your ranks helps of course. Witness Flora Reed as she coos her way through the delightfully energetic ‘Laughing’. Price is at his most appetising when he kicks out the vocal jams coming across as a pumped up Alan Sparhawk. And there are other reminders of the Minnesota slow core champs Low throughout the album. Thankfully the liberal dose of jollity present throughout provides Winterpills with an impressive tangent in which to operate. KD

Winterpills – Laughing

More Info: Winterpills
Buy Album: [UK] Winterpills [US] Winterpills
Year: 2005

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