Ham Sandwich – St Christopher

Despite taking a unanimous bashing from all quarters on their chosen name Meath band Ham Sandwich (hmm, there’s a joke in there somewhere) have decided to let the music rather than the moniker do the talking. They’ve already built up a reputation around the Dublin circuit as an unusual live experience, which of course counts for nought unless the music provides a classy backdrop to their antics. Thankfully they come up trumps in this department even if ‘St Christopher’ does nab some of its percussive joy from Nirvana’s ‘Smells”¦’. The video even strikes a similar theme early doors, albeit in the subtlest of new century ways. ‘St Christopher’ is a glorious success because Podge McNamee and Niamh Farrell’s vocals are diametric and the playing is vivacious and inviting. The tune changes its direction on several occasions leaving a neat map of ideas for the listener to follow, culminating is a jangling riff as satisfying as a packed lunch. KD

Ham Sandwich – St Christopher

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Year: 2005

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