Ian Love – Butterfly's Only Night

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Ian Love used to be in Rival Schools, he also spent some time in rehab 7 years ago. Now, he just records songs in his home studio in Brooklyn, in between looking after his young family. His debut record has just been released on Limekiln records and it sounds like the peachiest thing released in 2006. Peachy, you say, what do you mean? Well, Mr Love just employs some acoustic wonderment and his voice to whip the most wonderful melodic brew this side of Matthew Jay’s ‘Draw’. The wide-eyed glee and joyful mood is akin to the feeling of the first day of spring after a long harsh winter. Love’s skill in coaxing beauty from guitar chords is spellbinding, the music is robust and full of potential and his voice is as tender and heartfelt as Nick Drake. The difference here is that Love will make it big in his lifetime, these songs will soon be bouncing off the walls of the corridors of power. Absolutely essential. KD

Ian Love – Butterfly

Ian Love – The Only Night

More Info: Official & Myspace
Buy Album: [UK] Ian Love [US] Ian Love
Year: 2006

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