The Fiery Furnaces – 1917

If you thought Jack and Meg were the wackiest siblings in indiedom then you should take a listen to this brother/sister combo who have an aversion for settling for the easy thrill. More often than not you’ll be left scratching your head at their damn eclectic ways and then out of the blue the most super of melodies will descend from the heavens. Take a listen to ‘1917’ from the duo’s 2004 album ‘Blueberry Boat’. Initially it scuttles about like a collection of foraging ants and then the boy Friedberger put on his best drunken Euro Childs impression. As if to completely nutmeg our senses the whole mess falls over a cliff and appears at the base as the neatest piece of piano tinged introspection. Eleanor is positively angelic as she tip toes the vocals out of her mouth. The Fiery Furnaces are nothing if prolific, each new season seems to herald another new batch of tunes. Their latest audio maze was released a couple of months back and is called ‘Bitter Tea’. No doubt, it won’t be everybody’s cup but why should they break with tradition at this stage? KD

The Fiery Furnaces – 1917

More Info: The Fiery Furnaces
Buy Album: [UK] Blueberry Boat [US] Blueberry Boat
Year: 2004

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  1. Anonymous
    June 16, 2006

    i agree about it not being everyone’s cup of tea…and while they’re “norwegian wood” cover is blasphemous, “chief inspector blancheflower” off blueberry boat is really a spectacular track. as are “here comes the summer” and “evergreen” off last year’s EP album.that said, the grandma album – UNLISTENABLE.

  2. Anonymous
    June 20, 2006

    1917 is an ode (or something) to the last Chicago White Sox World Series champs prior to 2005.

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