Lotus Eaters – First Picture Of You

Feeling a bit guilty about talking about this song. Guilty because this is the only song I have ever heard from the Lotus Eaters, a band who the more I read about the more I want to embrace. Peter Coyle was the singer with the Liverpool outfit and he still persists in the music industry trying to make sense of it all a couple of decades after tasting fame. Coyle craves success but at the same time if it arrives it could also drive him over the edge. Take a look at his bio for a superb peephole into the mind of an artist. ‘The First Picture Of You’ was one of the first Lotus Eaters songs recorded in 1983 and is characterised by Jeremy Kelly’s jangly repertoire as well as Coyle’s quivering heartfelt vocals. The song has matured brilliantly, sounding contemporary save for the early morning flourishes. The Lotus Eaters reformed in 2001 to record a new album, ‘Silentspace’ which like it’s predecessor 17 years earlier was a critical darling yet remained unloved on many record shop shelves. KD

Lotus Eaters – First Picture Of You

Update: Peter Coyle recently got in touch with mp3hugger!!!

Hi mp3 hugger
my name is peter coyle
singer of first picture of you
i have just read your review on your blog
it made me smile
sorry i seem a little scary
my wife questions the state of my mind
most days actually so you are not alone
in your diagnosis of my mental state
anyway true to form
craving for success i have a new album
out called meltdown for the mindless
i would be grateful if you could review it
for me
also thank you for your blog site
it will be good to check out what music
you have found
i have only just discovered blogs
i am very slow even slower than my
dial up internet connection
they don’t have broadband in rural france
woe is me

anyway stay deep in music
all the best

hugger says WOW and demands you buy Peter Coyle’s album

More Info: Peter Coyle
Buy Album: [UK] Silentspace [US] Silentspace
Year: 2001

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  1. Anonymous
    June 17, 2006

    4 years ago they went here in the philippines to do a onenight gig. it was great! guitarist jeremy kelly was also a member of the wild swans with paul simpson(ex member of the care with ian broudie of lightning seeds).

  2. Anonymous
    April 26, 2008

    Hi there…. I heard you saw the first picture of you’ when I was a teenager….I thought the single was such brilliant. I recently found out at the beginning of the year, that you can’t get in the shops…discontinued they said.I wanted to reminisce and relive my teenage feelings of freedom and no responsibility.I heard it on the internet and it’s still has this romantic haunting charm that makes me smile everytime, thinking of the summer.

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