Creve Coeur – 5th And Incident

Oh boy, do I hate bands that employ flash websites. Nothing is given away unless you perform a lara croftesque form of puzzle cracking, trying to find a bio is akin to learning how to crochet and the effort involved in downloading some music makes the chore of going for a walk almost alluring. So after an eternity spent clicking empty gifs I deduced that the fivesome who call themselves Creve Coeur come from Atlanta. Being called after a broken hearted city from midwest of the US is leaving oneself open for charges of laziness but when you can come up with goods like on ‘5th and Incident’ it’s hard to be critical. This is a tune that we’ve come to expect from those rabid Texans And You Know Us By The Trail Of Dead; the initial scurries are loose and freewheelin but lack substance, that is until a streamlined Brian Fisher chorus waltzes into town with all the promise of a new sheriff. Now, if only they could provide us with ye olde text based website we’d be shouting their names from the tops of some very high buildings. KD

Creve Coeur – 5th And Incident

More Info: Official & Myspace
Buy EP: Vast & Danger
Year: 2006

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