Scheer – Wish You Were Dead

Derry’s Scheer were characterised by Neal Calderwood’s abrasive guitars and Audrey Gallagher’s distinctly celtic voice. Despite only releasing one album in their lifetime (‘Infliction’) their cult following ensured that ‘And Finally’ was released posthumously in 1999. ‘Wish You Were Dead’ remains their most electrifying work with huge rambling guitar riffs reminiscent of Belfast’s Therapy! Gallagher for her part revels in the din sending a volley of words skywards that twist and swoop in an endless tango with the music. Scheer enjoyed a berth at 4AD which lead to lip smackingly tempting live appearances alongside Mojave 3 and Lush. Not exactly Sunday evening fare this but useful for clearing out the cobwebs for the week ahead. KD

Scheer – Wish You Were Dead

More Info: Scheer
Buy Album: [UK] Infliction [US] Infliction
Year: 1996

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  1. July 16, 2006

    Great to hear this again – I think someone once compared them to Therapy? fronted by Kristin Hersh.

  2. Daithi
    September 6, 2006

    think that was me! my favourite one was from a melody maker journo who said they were like pantera in carpet slippers….

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