Fred – Summers Coming

You’d wonder why nobody had ever thought of it before. It seems as obvious as the nose on your face to call a band Fred but until this Cork band chose to do so the moniker lie as dormant as a Big Brother’s contestants thought processes. The band spawned from a shared university experience, but several founding members later they arrived at their current quintetedness. Fred have 2 albums under their belt already and a live experience that includes lots of salacious drumming and ye olde forgotten tradition of smiling. ‘Summers Coming’ is taken from their current album ‘Making Music So You Don’t Have To’ and claps so many hands you just feel like saying yeah. Embrace the lovely violins chirping in the background and a take on samba that’ll have you crying over Ronaldino’s lack of wizardry over the last month. Sort of bohemian, definitely free spirited and as loveable as a pocket full of baby koala’s this should be as essential as sandals during the long days. KD

Fred – Summers Coming

More Info: Fred
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Year: 2005

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