Lovers Who Uncover Lonesome Slapps

Presenting 3 young bands that should be on everyone’s portable hard drive by this time next year. At no point in history has music been so accessible, all made possible by the internet and its portals like myspace, and the myriad of mp3 blogs. But beware, there is plenty of chaff about the place so you may have to seek for a time before you amount anything resembling an aural goldmine. Each of the three tracks are freely available from the bands websites and go to prove how artists based on opposite sides of the world now have an equal chance of snaring a worldwide fanbase. So is this the end of the snotty record store clerk? Probably not, but at least now we have a credible alternative. Let these songs be an introduction to your favourite new bands. G’nite. KD

[ingenting] – Slapp In Solen

Watch The Video

The Little Ones – Lovers Who Uncover

Pela – Lost To The Lonesome

More Info: [ingenting]
More Info: The Little Ones
More Info: Pela
Year: 2006

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