Sleep Good – Far From The Sea

Sleep Good is the work of 17-year-old Will Patterson. He is signed to Big Orange Records alongside Bill Baird’s side project (the almost annoyingly monikored) Sunset}}}}}}}}}}. Working alone away from his main band Ari Fouk, Will has plenty of breathing space to put his computer to the best possible use but as we all know no amount of artificial hocus pocus can hide a minimal talent. ‘Far From Sea’ displays Will’s potential with unhurried effect. As you’d expect from one so young there is an uncomplicated feel to the way he wallows through the piece. His voice is warm and inviting and the playground soundtrack never sounds like it was pasted on by an over zealous producer. Everything is its right place; given time Sleep Good could become something rather special indeed. Also included here is an Aria Fouk track called ‘The Beast Will Come’ and a reworking of the same song by yet another Patterson project called Phable. KD

Sleep Good – Far From The Sea

Ari Fouk – The Beast Has Come

Phable – The Beast Has Come

More Info: Sleep Good
More Info: Ari Fouk
More Info: Phable
Year: 2006

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