The Amazing Pilots – All My Wasted Days

The brothers Wilkinson could be another Snow Patrol (in a Reindeer Section kinda way) waiting to happen. Coming from the same part of the globe and bulging at the seems with songs that get under skin in the nicest possible way and without the irritating rash like side effects. Let’s hope that when the inevitable arrives they don’t let their creative guard slip in a vain attempt to titillate the suits. As it stands they are just one album in and a few noteworthy efforts to the good. ‘All My Wasted Days’ is so leisurely it could have had the participants of Dusty’s Trail reaching for the brushwood and whisky canteens. Country is well represented through a lazy slide guitar, the percussion is laidback but it’s the ear catching vocals that provide the most reward. Paul Wilkinson may only be moseying along but his unhurried style is both refreshing and endearing. TAP been quite of late but that’s probably just the sound of their next album being recorded. KD

The Amazing Pilots – All My Wasted Days

More Info: The Amazing Pilots
Buy A Flight Of Fancy: [UK] Hello My Captor [US] Hello My Captor
Year: 2004

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