My Dad vs. Yours – Grand Law Of Unintended Consequences

Another post-rock outfit to steal your heart, My Dad vs. Yours have a colourful history that saw them first entering the creative arena as puppeteers. An acid tongued critic put paid to the fledgling string merchants aspirations and they soon concentrated their efforts on an altogether more electric form of expression. The results can be heard on their just released debut album ‘After Winter Must Come Spring’, a adorable collection of instrumentals that avoids much of the explosions of noise associated with post-rock. The Ottawa band instead busy themselves with the soft jangly edges so no need to brace oneself for the inevitable torrent of white noise. The pieces included here are from an EP called ‘Winning Hearts And Minds’ released in 2004. Time to bath in the glorious swells and in the process become altogether more spirtualized. KD

My Dad vs. Yours – Canyons (Grand or Otherwise)

My Dad vs. Yours – Law Of Unintended Consequences

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Buy Some Peace Of Mind: After Winter Must Come Spring
Year: 2006

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