The ME Band – TV Show

The ME band wouldn’t have been possible 15 years ago. They conduct much of their creative business on the internet you see, so when Jon Seneger is busy knocking off bit parts in Sweden his counterpart Mark Wilkinson in England is scurrying around the fibre optics attempting to build on them. They are now taking the concept a step further by asking others to contribute online. While one might suspect how any cohesion could be achieved through the faceless form (but hey video mail is not too far away) it doesn’t seemed to have done ‘TV Show’ any harm. Granted the piece is a simple affair but it’s also one that’ll weevil it’s way into your consciousness by stealth. I’m already on my 10th listen and it still sounds like the coolest wagon I’ve ever hitched a lift on. There are cute harmonies aplenty to keep you occupied while you work out how their website can be of some use to the over 5’s. KD

The ME Band – TV Show

More Info: Official & Myspace
Album On The Way: The ME Band
Year: 2006

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