Viva Voce – We Do Not Fuck Around

We’ve already have a clutch of endearing boy/girl duo’s, Meg and Jack (White), Eleanor and Matt (Friedberger), Bonnie and Clyde (cough). You can now add a pair of Robinson’s to the list as the Kevin Husband and Anite Wife duo are outdoing greasy food in the infiltration of worldwide hearts. They have been on the go since 1998 but their forthcoming album ‘Give Yr Blood Soaked Out’ will probably make them stars. Viva Voce is Italian for ‘word of mouth’, funny that because a creeping presence through the blogger world has raised their profile, heck even the blood curdling Pitchfork have gotten in on the act. ‘We Do Not Fuck Around’ is a cast iron indie anthem with its sparse piano opening and effervescent chorus that pops in at opportune moments. And bless Kevin for the most effective rendition of that little four-letter word. Robinson lovers lead the way. KD

Viva Voce – We Do Not Fuck Around

Watch The Video For Alive With Pleasure

More Info: Official & Myspace
Buy Album: [UK] Get Yr Blood Sucked Out [US] Get Yr Blood Sucked Out
Year: 2006

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