Damon Albarn – End Titles

I guess I’m a bit out on my own here because I just don’t get what all the fuss about Gorillaz is. The cartoons annoy me; the music is halfway to somewhere but nowhere near the outskirts of enjoyable. Just because it’s a different concept doesn’t make it any more worthy. Perhaps I just don’t get why Damon Albarn needs to skulk in the shadows leaving Blur floundering in his wake. I guess the critical moment was when Graham Coxon decided to abandon ship and go solo. So far Coxon has racked up an impressive line of albums, his guitar led missives more or less reshape Blur’s ‘Coffee & TV’ direction at infinitum (to a large degree successfully). Albarn is nothing if prolific himself and even has a movie soundtrack credit to his name. ‘Ravenous’ (cannibals in the snow) was made all the more lucid by Albarn’s offbeat instrumentals, no more so than ‘End Titles’ that drifted from dire piano riff to rich electronic passages within the space of 5 minutes. It’s made all the more cinematic by the drifting strings and hopelessly lost in the moment instrumentation. I’ll chomp this down over those darn windmills any day. KD

Damon Albarn – End Titles

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More Info: Official & Myspace
Buy Album: [UK] Ravenous – O.S.T [US] Ravenous: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Year: 1999

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