Flowered Up – Open Up Me Weekender

Kasabian take note, Flowered Up are back and primed to steal the crown that is rightfully theirs. Yep, it seems that the alcohol and drugs that ravaged several minds up to 1992 has finally ebbed away and London’s answer to the Happy Mondays are back doing shows. First time around Flowered Up were a short lived phenomenon, the buzz surrounding their antics meant their faces were gracing the covers of both the Melody Maker and NME before they had even released a record. ‘Weekender’ is their 13-minute legacy (although ‘It’s On’ was probably a better single) and it is an outrageously loose collection of danceable ideas that don’t really fit that well together. Listening to it now is close to harrowing; this is baggy without the firm belt holding the disparate parts together. That said, many who were entranced by Madchester first time round will still have a soft spot for the erratic affect it had on a dancefloor. Guess some things are better left to the mists of time. Surprisingly, Flowered Up’s new material is oddly invigorating. ‘Open Me Up’ has an elegant chorus (and an organ undercurrent reminiscent of the Charlatans ‘Overrising’), as ever things drift a little towards the end (what’s with the rap?) but the song proves that Liam Maher and co. could soon be making revellers quite happy all over again. KD

Flowered Up – Weekender

Flowered Up – Open Me Up

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More Info: Official
Buy Album: [UK] Best of Flowered Up [US] Best of Flowered Up
Year: 2005

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  1. Anonymous
    September 11, 2006

    Top one! Nice one! Sorted! Leicester in the area! Sorry, we get confused round the East Midlands. Top stuff though, where’s me Joe Bloggs? Ed The Falling Leaves.

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