Moonbabies – War On Sound

Ready for some technicolour pop splendour? Well it doesn’t often arrive at the party as lavish and swell as Moonbabies ‘War On Sound’. The Malmo duo have been on the go since 1996 but their inclusion on a ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ compilation recently has begun the process of educating the masses. Ola and Carina each play their part in the vocal duties providing plenty of balance in the quieter moments and positively lighting up the sky during the incandescent chorus. Moonbabies have other moments to rival the highs of ‘War On Sound’ too, like ‘Ghost Of Love’ with its trippy M83 dalliances and Joy Zipperesque vocal patterns. The ‘War On Sound’ EP is currently on release, don’t let it out of your sight. KD

Moonbabies – War On Sound

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Buy Album: [UK] War on Sound [Us Import] [US] War on Sound
Year: 2006

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