Paddington Distortion Combo – Sun Is Down

Some music is just so rad it is positively life affirming. You wouldn’t have guessed as much by perusing Paddington Distortion Combo’s corner of myspace but their ‘Sun Is Down’ could be the perfect soundtrack for an adult crèche (Carl Olsson may be a cranky old soul). Out would go the baggage of modern life and in its place would come the sound of several Swedish musicians taking the twee template and making it palatable for a hard to please audience. The organs grind, the words are oft repeated and jangling chords are pulled by a musician inebriated with the joy of living. And at the finish it has a passing resemblance to the finale to Belle & Sebastian’s ‘Sleep The Clock Around’. Yep things don’t get much sweeter than this. KD

Paddington Distortion Combo – Sun Is Down

More Info: Myspace
Buy PDC: Make It Happen Compilation
Year: 2006

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